Tina van Baren made her debut with poetry in 2012 in Hollands Maandblad. Her poems subsequently appeared in Revisor, online in Terras, magazine for international literature and art, and Het Liegend Konijn, magazine for contemporary poetry in the Dutch language.
As a writer and performer she is always interested in collaborations & projects of mixed disciplines.

Publications e.g.
2019 X Het Liegend Konijn | three poems
2018 X Iemand ergens iets / Someone somewhere something |
X X X X poem-leporello > design: Salome Schmuki,
X X X X print: Charles Nypels Lab, edition: 100 pc.
X X X X (see photo)
2018 X Goede buren | Dichters in de Prinsentuin | poem
2018 X Het Liegend Konijn | seven-part poem
2017 X Of het niets is | poem > design:
X X X X Salome Schmuki, print: Charles Nypels Lab,
X X X X edition: 100 pc. (watch video on Terras)
2017 X Het Liegend Konijn 1 | two poems
2016 X Het Liegend Konijn 1 | five poems
2015 X Tijdschrift Terras (online) | four poems
2015 X Hollands Maandblad 5 | two poems
2015 X Revisor 8 | five poems
2014 X Hollands Maandblad 4 | poem
2013 X Hollands Maandblad 12 | two poems
2013 X Hollands Maandblad 8/9 | three poems
2013 X Land der Horizonten (anthology) | Dichters
X X X X in de Prinsentuin, Groningen | poem
2012 X Hollands Maandblad 12 | three poems
2012 X Hollands Maandblad 10 | two poems
2011 X Hier is het gebeurd – HNY, Rotterdam |
X X X X Back | short story
2010 X Theaterfestival RCTH | Opgesloten
X X X X dramatic monologue
2008 X De hotelpoes en nieuwe verhalen –
X X X X HNY, Rotterdam | Terug | short story
2007 X De sprekende stad – Theaterbedrijf Bonheur,
X X X X Rotterdam | four poems
2005 X Literary series Bureau Obelon, Rotterdam |
X X X X Gemorste Melk | collection of short stories
2004 X Het lokaal (voor spannende zaken) Amsterdam |
X X X X De rode heks | short story
X X X X (see less)

Collaborations e.g.
2019 X Tarek, the (Wounded) Healer & Time Choir -
X X X X Eleni Kamma | script editing & composition
2015 X Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on parrhesia.
X X X X Eleni Kamma | script montage & editing
2014 X Oh, for some Amusement! – Eleni Kamma |
X X X X script development & editing
2014 X Play it Emin: Walking along the Russian
X X X X Monument at Ayastefanos – Eleni Kamma |
X X X X script montage & editing
2012 X The tuner’s monologue – Eleni Kamma |
X X X X text adaption & voice over

Studies e.g.
Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam | creative writing | graduation in poetry '16
East 15 Acting School, London | postgraduate diploma in acting '86