The only thing

you can duck under the collar of your coat and walk down the

street without looking back you can mimic a pirate put a hand

over your eyes and peer absently into the distance you can

squint against backlight then turn your head to see nobody

standing you can handsfree ride your bicycle use your

telephone seduce somebody you can search someone’s eyes

go with him or not and regret that forever and ever you can

slow slowly undress yourself not lowering your eyes even

once you can fancy yourself to know everything and painfully

discover you don't you can close the door behind you

disappear without a word in the dark you can of course try

to write somebody something but it was perhaps better not sent

you can always pretend not to know anything and hide for

a while behind curtains also without facial hair you can be

a poet wear a hat and miss out on all you can early morning pull

the covers over your head think I couldn't care less about

nothing you can say get lost and don't you touch me and know

that is the only thing

(published in Holland Maandblad)