‘And this is how you can be walking
and falling at the same time.’

Laurie Anderson

To start moving
you first take yourself
off balance

to discover something
you enter a terrain

to fathom your desire
you best close your

and let the world fade out
till there is nothing left
but static


Still standing at the edge
still ahead of

not yet your fingers
on my skin not yet
words not

I find you want you too not
come: in my head a song
is singing

that walking is falling
that fluttering is a form
of longing

and with that all things


And if then now or never
later doubt is wavering
on one leg

then you tilt forward you fall
and catch yourself
with a step

and one more and one more
and one more until there's
a trace

you go by and even before you
turn round you will be
no more

than a whisper

(published in Revisor)